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After a Miscarriage

Hey ladies I had a question for the ones who have experienced a loss. I know I’m probably stressing and need to relax as a friend told me the same thing lol. But I had fertile cm since CD8 took opk all negative around now at CD16 it’s watery cm and still negative opk. I am now on CD 19 and still negative opk even bought the clear blue digital “blank ?circle?”
I have read that most women ovulate 2weeks after there miscarriage but I’m going on 3weeks now on Monday? We have been BDing every other day. Can someone give me some relief? I usually ovulated before I got pregnant on CD18

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After mine I was told OPKs wouldn’t work as the hormones go haywire in the initial weeks afterwards so mess with the results. I only did OPKs after my first AF so we had a starting point to count the cycle days from.

Loads of people get pregnant in the initial weeks after a m/c because you’re supposedly super-fertile (someone could have informed my ovaries of that fact since they decided to ignore it!), it’s just tricky to monitor everything to be precise in dates.

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My doctor told me to wait for my first period as some women don't ovulate in between, but mine was a MMC at 10wks with a D&C so it could be different. All I know is that I used to ovulate every cycle on day 14 but this cycle (2 after D&C and 1st cycle trying) I ovulated on day 17. Stress and anxiety/illness/intense exercise can delay ovulation so try to do some yoga/meditation and relax for a bit, I'm sure that your body will get back to normal soon. A MC is a trauma (emotionally and physically) so be kind to yourself and your body. Good luck and hoping that everything goes well for you.

2 years ago

Thank you ladies for your response. So sorry to hear about your losses as well. It’s emotional for every women.
I was 6wks 2days when had MC (my first one ever) and 8 days later finally got negative pregnancy test and blood work was back down to zero. My body guess expelled fast. Oh that was hard to type.
Dr told me (as most dr do) can wait a month but if feel emotionally ready go ahead but I do know all dr have to say wait a month. I just can’t help read so many success stories after mc. Well we have been DTD every other day and maybe I should just stop doing opk and just go with it.
It’s all in his timing ????

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I got a “flashing smiley face” just now late 2:30pm ct! I am so happy to see that. I can relax and enjoy the next few days

2 years ago • Post starter

Yes! That's exciting! I just found out I'm pregnant again after my m/c that happened Feb 5. My levels were back down to zero on Feb 7 and I ovulated on Feb 22/23. I didn t get a bfp until 14dpo (March 8th) and it was faint then.

2 years ago

Hi Beaut1ful38
First I’m sorry about your loss. Unfortunately I’ve experienced far too many as well.
As for one of my experinces; we treated it like a normal cycle and attempted to get pregnant immediately. We didn’t use tools but we did time it. Since I’m usually right on time. So we timed it for 14 days after the first day I began bleeding. (I only bled for 6-7 days) anyhow, we got pregnant again.
Unfortunately we miscarried again. I’m pretty sure it was the severe anxiety I had that I never knew I had until it was finally diagnosed and controlled with medicine until I learned how to self manage.
It’s been over 4 years since we actively tried because I was emotionally drained.
But here were are; experiencing the same symptoms of pregnant at 10 dpo.
But this time...I ovulated like 4-5 days earlier than normal. But I’m also a fresh 44 yr old. I wanted to believe it was my cycle changing but they’ve always been consistent and not out of the norm is happening with my body except for the early O. Apparently, that’s normal too.
So my suggestion is; just exhale and enjoy your life. What’s meant to be will be.
Maybe the timing is to save your own life.
Maybe your body needs the break after the miscarriage.
But I would keep an eye on cervical fluid and cervix position. That’s one of the best indicators.
And keep having *fun* ;)
I’ll put in a prayer for you.

2 years ago

Fullmoonmagi326- oh so sorry for your losses. I pray this will be your rainbow baby. You are right relaxing is the key. This was my 1st MC and I only bleed 7days as well. It was hard but I knew as well my age (38) was a factor I am going to take it easy and we are only doing opk to make sure we have the right days down which now I know as of yesterday I received “flashing smiley “ so know I know I am in my most fertile days.

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YAY!!! I am excited for you. I wish you lots of good timing and a meeting of the two. Lol
And thank you. It was tough but I know it was for the best at the time. We’re better off now. My DH was still suffering from PTSD and I was in fear. So God (or the universe) has a way of timing it perfectly.
You’re going to have your little angel soon.

2 years ago

I received my “solid smiley” tonight. Hope to ovulate in the next 12-36 hrs!!! Told DH time to get busy

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Hey ladies so I am 13dpo today and I had a question in when to test as I don’t know if I should go off my normal lutheal phase (which is 14) or wait till the 6week mark? Since they say a women who MC doesn’t get af till 4-6 weeks.

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