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Are you trying to get pregnant..testing like crazy ..keep seeing that stark white negitive ..
You may be testing to early
Ok so once you get that positive OPK your prob wondering when to BD ..well it would be better to have BD 3-5 days before your LH surge as this leaves swimmers ready to greet your egg most of us we release the egg 12 -48hrs after our surge just a quick note if your getting a near positibe on OPK you need to test every 6 hrs ..WHY because studies show women testing every 24 often miss the surge (which is why your opk never looks stronger than the control line) ..
Now once DH swimmers meet the egg it can take anywhere from 3-11 dpo to IMPLANT will not get a BFP until that bunch of cells implants in the uterus wall and splits to become placenta and baby ..bcoz its the placenta that produces HCG if you had a +opk monday you may not implant until 10 days after meaning that youll likely be upset if you test 48hrs after BD ..once you feel that implantation pain or bleed normally 6-9dpo then you need to wait a minimum of 4-7 days for HCG to be detected thats not to say you cant test but if you get a vvfbfp and start testing every 12hrs your likely to disappointed again as it takes HCG 24-72hrs to double an easier way to explain ..if on 10dpo a 10mui test is vvfp then 24-72hrs later a first responce Early result 6.5 -12.5 mui may be postive the next morning but a clear blue digital 25mui will not be positive for atleast another 3 days maybe more ..i hope this helps explain and stops you worrying ..if you need any help please feel free to pm me or leave a comment ..lets get making babies and heres to that BFP xx

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This helps a lot! Thank you!

1 year ago

I'm three days late having most the signs but still testing a bfn!! Starting too loose hope

12 months ago

Hi Addie, did you test again?

12 months ago

Hi! I confused with O day, so counting 19 DOC, I tested today it was Negative. I have tender breasts, often urination, backache, headache, it should be today the first day of Menses. A week ago Ultrasound said that yellow body is big, and progesterone is high. How do u think?

12 months ago

Hi Ashashom. .how long are your cycles normally ? Then you can get a rough estimate of ovulation you test with opk? ..If you implanted later or ovulated later it may be early so will need a sensitive test to pick up hcg like the 10-15miu tests ..its good that the progesterone is high as it usually drops before AF arrives ..

12 months ago • Post starter

hi!thank you so much, I'm on 12 dpo with my first IUI, at 10 dpo with a 10mIU test I got vvfp, then today on a 20mIu test negative.
So it means I don't have to worry, because I still have chances to get preg.

9 months ago

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