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I want to ise my knowledge to help others here it goes ..when it comes to pregnancy tests theres lots to choose from ..early tests that pick up 6.3 all the way up to tests that pick up 100..with that said if your a POAS addict like myself youve probably had the dreaded vvvfp then neg then faint positive for 3 days in a row ..and your sitting there panicking that your tests not getting darker ..
HELP is at hand
Firstly if your using a FRER and is a barely there line ..dont expect a clearblue digi to be BFP the next day
What happens is youll probably test with your FMU and get your first sqinter then be testing every chance you get after to get that Definate second line ..STOP ..once you get your vvfp youll need to wait atleast 12hrs to build up any noticable change ..youll also need to take into account much you drank long you held your urine and DPO / IB ..
Frer start to pick up HCG at 3-7 days PAST implantation ..all women are different and some double every 24 others 72 ..testing for progression AFTER a BFP is the worst thing to do ..because your levels will change throughout the day and night ..i hope this helps if i can help in anyway please drop your questions below ..

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@Mememe32. Thank you for posting this as I know some people are wondering the same thing. I started testing at 8dpo with FRER and got a very faint line. I actually did test everyday and the lines gradually became darker leading up to my missed AF. All my tests are FMU and taken roughly the same time. I didn't post all my tests but some are posted if you wanted to take a look.

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Thank you!!!

wanting a

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Strangely I found frer to not be as sensitive this time round. I got lines on IC's for 5 days before I got anything on a frer. It is always best to wait at least 48 hours between tests but being a poas addict means that's so blimmin hard, lol. You also have to take into account that even the same brand will have differences in sensitivity and even different amounts of dye in them so once you get a good bfp it's always better to just stop testing as you may then end up worrying unnecessarily if the line is fainter etc.

Something even weirder I had with this pregnancy is that I got a bfp one morning and then a total bfn the next day on the same tests with fmu, thought it must've been a chemical and then a couple of days later I got a strong bfp......bodies are strange, lol. Good luck and baby dust to everyone.


2 years ago

I am having quite the rollercoaster this cycle... started CD1 either 2/1 or 2/4 - not sure which to count as day 1 as I bled a little on 2/1 then not again til 2/4... I've been counting 2/4 as CD1... I used Wondfo OPK's and looks to me as I had surge on 2/16 (tests are posted on my page if you'd like to see - they're the blue tests). I'm 99% sure I felt implantation happening on 2/24 which was 8dpo for me. I admit I am a POAS ADDICT and i've been testing pretty much daily and I've had 5 faint + on FRERs and 1 faint positive on CVS brand (blue dye). Some tests showed the faint line within a couple minutes, and then dried very dark (see 2/23 and 2/26 tests) and some didn't even dry with a dark/darker line... I don't really see any progression either. I bled a bit on 3/2 (very late at night), a little on 3/3 and 3/4 and then hardly anything at all today... not at ALL like a normal period for me. Usually I have AF for 5 days start to finish, so I'm not 100% sure what I just had/have is/was my period or not???

I've taken FRER's on 3/2, 3/3 and 3/4. on 3/2 it dried with a noticeable 2nd line. One 3/3 it was a squinter and yesterday nothing. I also took Wondfo OPKs just to see cuz I've heard if you're pregnant those will show positives - not sure if they'd be positive if I have AF (told ya, I'm a POAS addict LOL) and the OPKs have all come up positive...

Today I still "feel pregnant" - not sure if I had a CP, if it was all just in my head or maybe it's ectopic? If it was ectopic would I be in excruiating pain? I just feel dull cramps still and my bbs are larger/tingly and sensitive.

2 years ago

I got a faint bfp today on a dollar tree hpt. Of course I went and bought new hpt tests to confirm but I plan on waiting until Wednesday to test. I bought clear blue.2 pack, one is digital and the other is regular.. I don’t really like the blue ones bc of so many false positives but it was cheaper. I have one more dollar tree test I’ll use with fmu tomorrow :) I hope the expensive test I bought gives me a bfp in a few days :)) thanks for the info on testing! I’m new to ttc

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