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Late positive?

I am 19 DPO right now. My period are 5 days late. My cycles has been super regular + my luteal phase has never been over 14 days. Test was negative yesterday. Could I still be pregnant?

I have 2 preteens and I got positive test on my first pregnancy when I was 5+5 weeks pregnant and on my second pregnancy already 7+0 weeks. I don't remember if I tested before that. Could it be that my hormone level just rise so slowly?

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update??, are you pregnant?... i have 24 day cycle and very regular. i keep getting negative but still having symptoms especially cramps on and off and frequent urination even without taking liquids.. i am now 2 days befire AF due

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3 months ago

Well. AF is 18 days late and it is 32 DPO today and my temperature is still up high. Week ago Monday, which was 23 DPO I had an ultrasound at the hospital and they didn't see anything in there :/ I also had a negative pregnancy test that same day and I haven't tested since.

I am now waiting appointment with a gynecologist to check hormones and hopefully thyroids too. There is this chance of course as I've heard that ultrasound might not be accurate in very early weeks + sometimes HCG level just rises so slowly. BUT I am trying to be realistic and accept that I am not pregnant.

I didn't have cysts or anything else, so basically everything was fine, although my temp is still above the coverline and seems that I am not pregnant :/ I am scared to test, so I might just wait that appointment.

I will update again when I know more :)

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