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Late positive?

I am 19 DPO right now. My period are 5 days late. My cycles has been super regular + my luteal phase has never been over 14 days. Test was negative yesterday. Could I still be pregnant?

I have 2 preteens and I got positive test on my first pregnancy when I was 5+5 weeks pregnant and on my second pregnancy already 7+0 weeks. I don't remember if I tested before that. Could it be that my hormone level just rise so slowly?

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update??, are you pregnant?... i have 24 day cycle and very regular. i keep getting negative but still having symptoms especially cramps on and off and frequent urination even without taking liquids.. i am now 2 days befire AF due

10 months ago


10 months ago

Well. AF is 18 days late and it is 32 DPO today and my temperature is still up high. Week ago Monday, which was 23 DPO I had an ultrasound at the hospital and they didn't see anything in there :/ I also had a negative pregnancy test that same day and I haven't tested since.

I am now waiting appointment with a gynecologist to check hormones and hopefully thyroids too. There is this chance of course as I've heard that ultrasound might not be accurate in very early weeks + sometimes HCG level just rises so slowly. BUT I am trying to be realistic and accept that I am not pregnant.

I didn't have cysts or anything else, so basically everything was fine, although my temp is still above the coverline and seems that I am not pregnant :/ I am scared to test, so I might just wait that appointment.

I will update again when I know more :)

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