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New website

Does anyone hate this new website?
I can’t make head nor tail of it. I think it’s awful and laid out terrible so having a really hard time with it :(

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In some cases, I don't like it as it doesn't show the calendar view and have to manually go through the dates to add data. Nobody can view charts anymore. But since the update it has come a long way with the spam and having to go through multiple questions/forums just to find something that is worth trying to answer for someone. I notice on the phone that when I hit to bring up the drop down it always seems to want to load the main home page so that is frustrating in itself. Since being pregnant it still shows that I am late for my period and don't know how to change it so it doesn't say that I am on cycle 40 or whatever. What issues are you having?

Kathryn- March 29, 2016 Isaiah- October 19, 2018

10 months ago

Time consuming to add data ???? and haven’t a clue how to search the forums or find hpt galleries etc. Just looks so different.

10 months ago • Post starter

The HPT galleries are under the Pregnancy tests drop down menu. It's called Photo gallery. From there you can see all the HPTs or filter them to see the same categories that were on the old version of the website. Once you get used to this website it is much more modern and the forums and question board are in much much better shape without all that spam.

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10 months ago

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