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Slow rising HCG, good or bad thing?

Hello wonderful ladies.
We have been trying to have a baby for 6 years now and since we only can conceieve through ivf, it has been so difficult.
I did a 5dt on the 25th Jan . Got my amazing positive on the 1 Feb through digital. Did a couple hcg tests but lately it has been slowing. Dr told me to prepare for the worst and I'm devastated. I have to wait till Sunday for another scan.
My results are as follows
1 Feb - 19 HCG
5 Feb- 38 HCG
8 Feb- 153 HCG
12 Feb- 693
18 Feb- 1171
I have had no symptoms except bloat and mild tenderness on tummy and breast insanely sore. I have also been taking progesterone suppositories and injections and progyluton.
I suffered a twin MC 2 years ago at 6 weeks and I'll be devastated to loose this one. I also did a scan on the 18 Feb and they saw a sac of 4.4mm but nothing inside yet. I should be 5w4d. However scan and blood show I'm 4w.4. I'm so sad.
I'm not sure what to expect as I have to wait till Sunday for more blood work and scan. Has this happened to anyone.
Thank you for all your support and responses.

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