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Pregnancy after vasectomy

Has anyone ever gotten pregnant after their husband was snipped? He was 'fixed' just over 2 years ago and has only done the first quantitive test at 6 weeks. My husband and I are the type that if there's only 1 egg, we'll get pregnant. I'm a week late and have sore boobs. I've only ever missed 1 period and my doctor thinks I had a very early miscarriage. Im 33, a little overweight, SAHM, and VERY regular. Any ideas other then pregnancy?

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If he didn’t go for all the follow up test it’s possible that you could be pregnant. Also even if he did go for the follow ups and everything looked good there are rare cases where vasectomies fail. Have you taken a test yet?

4 months ago

Have you been under a lot of stress recently? Sometimes stress can cause late ovulation. Also I don't know how old you are? I'm assuming your younger but if you getting on a bit maybe it could be the start of early menopause? Just throwing it out there cause other that pregnancy and being underweight I don't know why your period wouldn't come if you've not been diagnosed with PCOS or similar.

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4 months ago

I did take a test and it was negative. The only thing I can think of is that my stress level has gone way down. I'm super happy now.

4 months ago • Post starter

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