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TTC at age 38

Hi. Never have posted in the forum before, but thought someone could shed some light on TTC at the age of 38. My DH and I are only on our second month, but I have some reservations due to my age and the fact that I only have my left ovary/tube in place (the right was removed 5 years ago). Didn't plan on having another child (have a 13 year old with my ex husband), but after our recent marriage we both knew we wanted to try despite any obstacles. Has anyone had success with becoming pregnant at this age or know of a family friend, co-worker, etc that was able to conceive at 38?

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CountdownGirl   Admin

My sister-in-law is pregnant at 42 (due in Feb) naturally! Do some research into "the risks" so you're prepared, make good lifestyle changes (diet/exercise), take your folic acid and drink plenty of water :) Oh, and try not to overthink it all (sometimes easier said than done) but just relax and enjoy it!

1 year ago

Thanks for the reply. Am doing my best with diet, exercise, etc. I maintain a fairly healthy weight at the height of 5'5 and 125-130 pounds. I'll look more into the "risks" and say on top of folic acid/vitamin intake. Again I appreciate your response.

1 year ago • Post starter

hello I'm 34 and after having my tubes clipped tied and burnt . My tubes healed and with my new marriage I was able to get pregnant. I drank fertility teas and did the fertility massage to break up scar tissue and another thing was b-12 and Ublinqinol coQ10 look it up and put for fertility behind the name and do the research. I hope this helps baby dust!

1 year ago

Just to add my two cents, as well as what the other ladies said, you need vitamin D. I’ve read about 5000-6000mg but to each his own. As far as chromosomal and other issues, we’ll yeah that’s higher, but it happens anytime, my first has downs and we conceived him when I was 24 so we are always gambling in a way. I wish you luck, lots of women here get pregnant later in the game so try to enjoy “trying!”

1 year ago

I got pregnant naturally with my 4th at 38. Age can make it harder, esp with one one tube/ovary, but just do the best u can to make sure u are in great health. If not already, start a prenatal and aim for a minimum of 1mg of folic acid/day. Try to take in as many antioxidants as u can, they will help protect ur eggs against damage from free-radicals (ubiquinol, vitamin C & E, selenium, zinc etc etc). Drinking raspberry leaf tea (or taking the capsules) will help with ur uterus. It is said to increase tone and prep for a pregnancy. It can also be used towards the end of pregnancy to help the uterus prepare for L&D.
Timing is also a huge factor. I highly recommend using opk's if u aren't already, taking ur bbt (basal body temperature) every morning, checking cervical mucus and checking ur cervix. The more u add to ur ttc arsenal, the better ur chances of conceiving. It's definitely not impossible, it can be a little frustrating tho. Once u've been trying for 6 months, see ur doctor about having fertility testing done on urself and ur hubs...just to make sure there's no hormone issues/blockages/low sperm count etc. Things can develop over time and we don't even know it.

Best of Luck! =))

1 year ago

I was 38 when I got pregnant with my now 11 month old. It took us 2.5 years TTC her.....we had never had trouble getting pregnant before (we had 6 kids already) so the infertility didn't make sense.
Anyway, I ended up taking Letrazol along with HCG injections and it worked on our 3rd cycle.
I'm now 9 weeks pregnant again, and we weren't trying ????
Matter of fact I'm still breastfeeding the little was Gods gift to us!!
Good luck to you!! Just try to relax and have faith, it will happen!!

52 weeks ago

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