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Has anyone experienced this or similar before bfp?

I have a very regular 28-29 day cycle and bleep for 6 days. This month I started to bleed 5 days earlier than expected. It was very light and only lasted 4 days. I also noticed I have been leaking clear/milky fluid from both breasts from the day after the light 'period' stopped. I have done two hpt's but both negative. Not sure what's going on. Anyone had a similar experience?

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The only time my breasts have leaked is in late pregnancy. I've always been told that if you have enough hormones to cause pregnancy symptoms you should have enough for a positive test. What brand are you using? It would probably be best to schedule a Dr appointment.

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6 months ago

Do you know when you ovulated, Kacey? If per chance you ovulated earlier than usual, this could account for being 5 days early and having a light period. However, unless you are used to getting discharge from your nipples - which I don't think you are from your post - you should see your doctor with regards to this. It is probably just a one off hormonal occurance, however you may need to get some bloodwork done, in particular a prolactin hormone test - this can be responsible for discharge from nipples and if it is high can stop you achieving pregnancy (but can be treated).

6 months ago

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