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Site upgrade! What's new? What has changed?

Welcome to the newest edition of Countdown to Pregnancy!

The biggest change you'll notice right away is that we are now mobile-friendly! All pages, data, charts, calculators, community and the tracking tool are now easy to use on your mobile device!

Site security has been updated and improved. Your password will need to be reset to conform with the new security measures put in place. Visit Reset your password page to begin the password reset process.

The Questions & Answers, discussion forums, journals and success stories have been merged together. You will now find these all in the Community posts section. You can now also add "Information" posts. Use the filter to view all or select a specific type to view. You can bookmark posts and add reactions to each post and reply (like, hug, laugh, informative).

All of your questions, forum posts and journals have been transferred automatically. Everything you added should still be available.

The Photo gallery remains mostly the same but there have been several big improvements including the photo tweaking tools, and image uploading and cropping/editing!

The cycle and symptoms tracking tool has been dramatically improved. The ovulation detection algorithm has been upgraded and data entry has been streamlined and overall ease of use improved. You can also record your BBT in F or C now.

One big addition to the tracking tool is the "Probability of Pregnancy" metric. This is calculated based on the symptom data you record each day. It is compared to the millions of data points collected to determine how the symptoms you are experiencing affect your probability of pregnancy.

All symptom and pregnancy test data has been re-analyzed and updated! Statistics and charts are current, reliable and informative!

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Countdown to Pregnancy! If you have any questions or comments about the new site or its features, visit the contact us page to send us your feedback.



Questions & Answers section
If you posted a question with a poll, the question has been transferred to the new site, but the poll functionality has been removed. The poll options and the number of votes is shown in the body of the question.

If you posted a question way back when it was permitted to post anonymously, your question has been transferred to the new site, but the visibility has been changed to private. This gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to show it or not. If you change the visibility to public or friends only, it will no longer be anonymous and your username will be visible.

User accounts
If you used a remote image for your avatar you will need to update it by uploading a new image, selecting from the avatar gallery or creating an avatar on the site. Go to My profile > Edit profile > Profile photo

Forum/Post signature - If you used emoticons from the old forum in your signature, the images won't work anymore. You will need to update the images. Update your signature my visiting My profile > Edit profile (scroll down to the bottom)

Cycle data transfer
Any cycles, symptoms, fertility signs or pregnancy tests recorded with future dates have not been migrated to the new site.

Duplicate cycles and cycle data have been deleted.

Any cycles that were shorter than 15 days have been merged with the previous cycle.

New dashboard & Cycles section
Dashboard is the current day (and cycle) information. There are links to record your daily data. You will also find the links to view the calendar and analysis, BBT chart and symptoms chart for your current cycle.

Calendar & analysis is a listing of all days in the selected cycle. This page also includes the intercourse timing score, probability of pregnancy metric and percentage of days tracked.

Symptoms pattern chart shows the signs and symptoms recorded for your current cycle and the previous 3 cycles. This allows you to see any patterns and differences.

All of your cycles are listed under "Manage cycles and periods"

To view your calendar & analysis, BBT chart or symptoms chart for a past cycle, visit your "Manage cycles and periods" page. Then click the start day for the cycle you would like to view. From there click the "This cycle " menu at the top of the page and choose which you'd like to view.

To return to your dashboard, use the "..." menu item at the top of any of the cycle tracking pages.

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