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5 days in 2WW. Trying everything 4 BFP!

Hi. First month on CTP, and also using, but technically 3rd month TTC'ing.

I would have failed 4th grade Sex Ed though, and do not really count the first two months of trying because I really had no idea what I should be doing other than BD'ing.

I have always tracked my AF timing in an iPhone app, but never too accurately. For instance, I'd forget to track my start date until a week later and then had to go off memory. Or, I was tracking when I started spotting as CD1 and have since learned CD1 is your first day of red flow. Another misunderstanding that I had was that I (or everyone) always ovulated on CD14. Additionally, I was on BCPs for 15+ years, having gone off in February 2012, so my cycles were more regular (27-28 days) and I wrongly assumed they would always be off BCP.

So, in April, our 1st month of TTC, we BD'd only one time during my fertile week, CD14, believing that was all that was needed (I had also heard of the Shettle method and believed BD'ing only on day of O would up our chances for a boy. AF visited that month, obviously.

In May, I realized I should BD every other day that week, no longer caring about the sex, leaving that up to G-d. Only, that month's cycle was only 24 days, which means I may have started BD'ing well after O, if I O'd at all. I've never had anything shorter than 27 days.

So, I decided to educate myself and read everything. This is the 1st month of TTC'ing where I feel knowledgeable about what I'm doing. Not knowing if my problem was not O'ing at all since I wasn't tracking ovulation, or low progesterone causing a short LP, I decided to try supplements for both, as well, chart BBT, OPKs, BD every other (wasn't exactly successful), and use Pre-Seed.

Now, I'm 5DPO, and the only real difference I'm noting with my body is increased CM after O. But, I'm wondering if this is just a normal increased discharge caused by my body wanting to clean out the Pre-Seed. Anyone else using this?

If my cycle returns to a 27-day cycle, I expect to test for a hopeful BFP on 6/21/2012.

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I use pre-seed and I haven't had that before until this month. I'm 9 dpo today and I still have that symptom and pre-seed should be WELL out of there. For you as well, unless you're still using it every time y'all get intimate. We haven't been intimate since O day, so I know that's not the reason for my symptom. He gets tired after work and I have to basically jump him and make him be intimate with me. I just haven't been in the mood at all lately. I'm usually the instigator in our marriage and he's usually the one using the "I have a headache" or "I'm too tired" excuse. lol. Backwards roles I guess. LOL! Good luck to you though. I'll pray for the best! :-)

Good luck!! Prayers that soon we'll all see our

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Ha! You are my intimacy twin. Ditto on everything you just said, which is why we missed one day of BD'ing every other day. We haven't BD'd since O either. And I'm glad you shared your past and current experience on Pre-Seed too, as I was thinking it seems like it should all be out by now, and my CM is increasing with each day rather than diminishing. I just didn't have any prior experience to compare to. On the flip side, it's bad because now my hopes are officially up. ;)

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