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Period or just spotting?

May 24 I ovulated( I do believe,my test looked pretty positive). May 29th, I had light pink spotting, June 2-10 I had light pink/brown discharge. ONLY when I wiped. Then the 11th, nothing, 12 slight cramps and nothing,today,cramps I got some brown discharge earlier today when I wiped, and only a little brown on my underwear..AF was expected June 6th. I am now a week "late".
Now has anyone gotten AF after spotting, and was there normal discharge in between the spotting and AF? Or was I having a light AF? Usually I'll cramp, then bleed heavy right after. So it's unlike me to be so light! I have been off BCP since March 5th, so my last period in April (I have long cycles) was really heavy which was expected. Helppppp!

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Have you taken a HPT yet? From what I understand, spotting is pretty normal during the 1st trimester... and spotting about a week after O'ing is considered implantation spotting (if AF doesn't show up right after).

I would test and see what happens....Good Luck!

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5 years ago

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