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Anxiety is a KILLER!

I'm having such a hard time waiting. I am 15 DPO and still no AF. My AF was due on Saturday, but I've taken 2 HPT's and they were both negative. I'm feeling crampy, but more of a gas cramp. My ovaries aren't hurting yet like a normal PMS cramp. I just don't understand not having even a faint line. Is anyone else having these issues? The anxiety is awful.

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What kind of HPT are you taking? Is AF normally come at random times? If not I would try testing again with a different brand... I like First Response digital, which literally say Pregnant or Not Pregnant. I can always convince myself of lines, but the digital words seem to be pretty straight forward. :-)

If AF is normally timely and she doesn't rear her head in a day or two, I would make a doctors appointment. They will be able to test more indepthly and give you more answers. **hopefully good ones**

- Good luck!

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5 years ago

You're so sweet, thank you for responding! I first started with the dollar tree test. I took 2 of those, both were negative. So I waited. Now I've taken 1 more dollar tree test and 2 First Response early response tests. All were negative. My AF was due last Saturday, and here we are on Thursday and still nothing. I am going to call this morning to see if I can get a blood test on my lunch break. I wish there was a place where you could get your results the same day. This waiting is killing me!

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......and AF just came. :(

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