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What are your 3DPO Symptoms?

So today I am 3DPO according to the count down. I have only taken one OPK and just haven't bothered since. I just try and pay close attention to my body. I am curious to see what everyone elses symptoms were at 3DPO or if you are at my same cycle or can recall your symptoms please comment below. I hate the TWW! I feel like Im going crazy lol I feel so alone with all this, like it's all in my head. But then again, I have a feeling I am pregnant, but don't want to be disappointed. I had a dream the other night there was a goldfish in my stomach...I think all this TTC has taken over my brain LOL Anyways, please comment with your symptom, comment what you think on mine and lets compare. Here's to ***baby dust*** for us all!!!!!
Here's my symptoms:
-A lot of cramping (Almost feels like the cramps you get right before AF comes. Some sharp, some dull)
-Pressure in the middle of my lower abdomen
-Some pains in ovaries
-Lower back pain
-I cant lay on my stomach cause it feels uncomfortable
-Abdominal bloating
-A little nauseated on and off
-A little heartburn
-Slight headache
-Achy pelvis, legs
-Sensitive nipples (not too bad, just a little)
-Everytime we have sex I spot a little (dont think thats a symptom,just found that odd, not sure if anyones experiences that)

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As 2dpo comes to an end here are my symptoms, very gassy, slight abdomenal pressure, watery discharge, and whenever my boobs would brush up against my shirt or against something I LOL turned myself on I'm sure 2m my symptoms while be a tad more (3dpo) ill try to keep an update lots of luck.

5 years ago

My symptoms at 3dpo:
lower back pains
mild cramping like af is coming
sleepy (eyes hurt like Ive been up all day long)
Feeling full after eating
Left boob sorta sore when pressed (noticed it today)
Im going to take a test July 2nd and July 6th(day my mense should come on) We will see!
Good Luck!

I wish the best to all

5 years ago

Hi all I'm new too all this soo here goes... I am 9 dpo and I have increasingly painful nipples that tingle occasionally... My breasts feel heavy also... Iv never experienced this before... I have had mild cramping and mild back ache aswel as heart burn.. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks :)

Good luck all

5 years ago

I am 2dpo and I woke up feeling nausea, been feeling nausea on and off, I have a few cramps in lower abdomen and pressure, I am extremely gassy and have been feeling this for last 2 days. I am tired and have been taking naps and going to bed early, Also I have been getting headaches the last 3 days, I have watery milky cm. I am so hoping I am preggo, we BD 3 days before O, trying to make a little baby girl. BABY DUST to all..:-)

5 years ago

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