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Going for July BFP - Join Me!

Hi Ladies -

Ms. AF just tracked me down and I'm out for the month of June. Now I'm CD 2 in my 6th TTC cycle. Starting soy isoflavones tomorrow (CD 3-5) for the first time. Fingers crossed for July BFP. Who is with me? What is your story?

Let's see how many BFPs we can get in this group for July!

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I was just about to try to find some buddies! I'm on cd2. Starting my first round of 50mg clomid tomorrow. We've been trying for a while now. Been off bc for over a year and just seeing what happens with no planning. Our first ds came immediately after I stopped the first times, but that was 6 years ago. One bd is all it took.

We starting paying attention to the calendar this past March since we were hoping for a bfp by now. Two months of opk and I've been on thyroid meds for 3 weeks now. I feel remarkably better. So we're hoping clomid will give us a push and a bean this round!

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5 years ago

Jennc2005 - almost exact story here. Started in March, no luck so far so am starting soy tomorrow for CD3. Have been using opks - cycle is all over the place, so TWW is hell! Love the support on this site - fingers crossed for you and lots and lots of

Let me know how the Clomid is...side effects, etc.

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Hi Ladies!!

My name is Paula, I am 20 years old and I live in Australia.

This is also my 6th TTC cycle :) I am on CD 4 and it is going soooo painfully slow -.-

I am hoping for my BFP in the first week of July so DH can give me the most magical 21st birthday present - being pregnant!! lol
We have been married for almost a year and a half now and been together for almost 6 and a half years.. !

I went off birth control in October 2011 after I had surgery to remove mild endometriosis and unblock my fallopian tubes (which were also inflamed and infected) .. I feel so much better and not in so much pain anymore after having that done... but I seem to be having some trouble getting pregnant. It seems everyone around me is falling pregnant just by thinking about it lol and here I am still waiting..

I got told by a 'baby predictor/psychic' that I will either get my BFP in July or fall pregnant in July.. so we'll see how that turns out.

I am using OPK's for the first time this month.. I used a clear blue fertility monitor for one cycle but it missed my LH surge and made me think I was not ovulating (doctor confirmed I had with a blood test).. so I stopped using that so I didn't freak myself out. Then I was just tracking CM as mine is pretty reliable in terms of letting me know when I am most fertile.. but that doesn't seem to be working out too well so decided to use OPK's since a good friend of mine fell pregnant first try last month by using OPK's.
I am on Fertilaid for women, and my DH is on Fertilaid for men.. we have only just been taking it for 3 months which is the recommended time to take it before it starts to work.. It has already made my cycles more regular (went from being in a range of 31, 32, 33 days to 31 days all the time). I was taking blackmore's conceive well gold and DH was taking menevit beforehand.. That's pretty much all my info lol...

So here's to hoping for a BFP in July!!! :D

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5 years ago

Thanks! I'm a little nervous, but we are done with the just let it happen business and nothing else it getting it going. We know we can conceive. Have proof in my ds and mc in April.

Good luck on the soy. Heard good things. Are you on anything else? Besides my thyroid meds I'm on B12, folic, omega-3, and a prenatal! That makes me sound like a walking pharmacy!!
Good luck too!

I'm finally getting the logistics of my cycle. On bc I was 28 days exactly. I knew about what time I would start and exactly how long. Off, it has been crazy. Now that I finally starting paying close attention I'm starting to see a cycle length...33-37 days. I hate tww! I'd give anything for a little bell to ring letting us know it worked that day.

Sending you baby vibes this cycle....

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5 years ago

MissPaula04 - Welcome and good luck! I am sorry to hear you've already gone through so much - you have youth on your side, smart about what you're doing and sounds like you're very determined - you'll get in no time! Keep us updated!

Jennc2005 - I'm starting the soy tomorrow, have been on prenatals and am adding in more B vitamin for me and DH starting tomorrow as well. I am really excited for my cycle to hopefully regulate like I've heard the soy should help as well. The TWW is beyond torture when you have no idea when it might be ending!

Hang in there ladies! I swear it's helping my sanity to hang in there knowing that there are other women out there going through the same thoughts/ideas/pains/struggles as I am at this time.

First day on soy tomorrow, I'll update with any side effects, etc. DH will be out of town, so I know the soy can't have any immediate success!

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DH and I have been TTC our first since December 2010 and I never in a million years dreamed it would take this long to get pregnant. I mean, I cant think of one child in my family that was planned, everyone gets pregnant on accident it seems, except me... anyway, going to talk to the doctor soon as it seems nothing has gotten better this past 18 months. Good luck to you and hopefully we all get a BFP soon!

5 years ago

Hi everyone
I have been TT for 3yrs and 5 months now and I'm onto my 10th cycle after a Miscarriage last year.
Currently having tests done at the infertility clinic to see if they can find out why it's taking me so long to conceive.
Me and my Husband are both 24, turning 25 this year so they don't think age is a factor.
So far I have had a scan which showed I have a Fibroid, retroverted uterus and a small cyst on one Ovary but the sonographer said he didn't think any of these would affect me conceiving
My Husband has had Semen analysis and we're waiting for the letter with the results.
I am having blood tests at certain points of my cycle to see if I'm ovulating and if I don't get a this cycle I have to get an HSG test.

So, I am CD16/17 and is due at the end of June but I wont test until early July


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5 years ago

ellekayejaye & manda1283 -

Hi and welcome! I wanted to start this group to help us all have an environment to go to with questions but especially to vent! This is such a private thing in life - and manda1283 - I completely agree - I had no idea this would be so difficult and emotionally draining. Accidentally pregnant women all around me it seems!
We're here to listen to each other's questions/stresses/issues TTC - and respond in any way we can so that we can all be more supported on this journey.

Best to you all -

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I am so on board with the in July. I'm trying of TRYING to conceive..i want to freaking conceive already.

My little TTC story...My name is Angela, I am also on CD2 and I'm 28 and DH is about to be 30. We've been married almost 3 years. My last month of BC was October 2011. so this is our 8th month trying. I know some of you have been here for longer, some for shorter..either way..month 1 or month 12..or month 36..its frustrating.

You basically spend your whole life trying to avoid this because when you're young they scare you into thinking..ONE time is all it takes to get pregnant. I kinda wanna go back in time and, you were wrong! lol no one time is not enough. You expect this to happen right away when you decide its time and it heart wrenching and stressful and draining when it doesn't. Knowing what I know now..I would have gotten off birth control a lot earlier.

Sorry if my rant seems a little angry..just having of those days. like you girls seems like my friends around me are getting pregnany all willy nilly without even trying and its just.. you know.

Anyway, this month I'm doing BBT charting for the first time and I'm doing OPKs. My husband is also getting a semen analysis just to make sure everything is okay.

and to all!

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5 years ago

Hi Angeluv and welcome!

I am completely with you on the frustration. I have some years on you but went off BC last year and have been blown away that's it's just not as easy as I always thought it would be when I was younger. In fact, I was terrified of getting pregnant and now that I'm "ready"'s just not that easy! Once you have your mind set and try..and try...and try...ugh!

Keep us updated how the BBT and charting are going. I've been using opks but have been told with my irregular cycle that I should chart.

Good luck and keep us updated!
Let's go July BFP

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