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3dpo..not really trying

So 1/12 was charted as my big O. And We are not really trying but I like to chart myself when we BD during my fertile week. Other weeks dont care to chart.
The last time I charted was around oct/nov 2017 and that when my cycle was off.

Since than I always check CM and pay attention to my cramps and AF.

Any who I am noy religious about it..only when Fertility window is open.

My period is charted to come 26th of this month.

Things I am learning: when O happen the egg hangs around for about 48 hours
250 million sperm travel. For ever 250 million only 100 make it to the egg.

So I figured since we BD six times before my O than 600 made it to the egg.

Howdo I know my O was the 12? I checked my CM and it wasn't watery...
Now part of me was like well now I know I'm not Pregnant because some women said their CM was egg like after BD and it last to a BFP.

But than I read a Doctor said women that share early early pregnancy signd are sharing experience after they gotten the BFP so to them CM make have came after but it didnt. It takes 1-2 weeks for CM to change if implementation occurs.

That made me feel a little better.

Today I woke up to a headache...a slight one and still getting twinges on left side .

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