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weaning was the best choice I have ever made

Now I will start out to say I am speaking from my experience and am not trying to influence any one one way or the other, just saying what I went through.
From birth we had trouble nursing. I had low supply and flat nipples. So I had to supplement formula until my milk came in fully. A nipple shield fixed the latch issue and in a few weeks we were nipple shield and formula free. But I never felt "happy" or "proud" to have accomplished this. I may get bashed for this but I hated nursing. All 18 months of it I hated it. My mom was a breastfeeder and pushed for me to do it too. I felt like I was a failure to keep my daughter on formula so I fought to breastfeed. My daughter was not pleasant to nurse. She kicked,pinched, bit, twisted, groped, and scratched. But I didn't give up. Sure I vented a lot to my mom and husband but I kept doing it. My daughter would not sleep unless I was in bed, never did. I was her pacifier. I dreaded nursings because they would go almost all day and I would get abused the entire time.
Well I finally gave up. Called it quits and decided my skin crawling was not fair to my daughter. I love her cuddles and kisses but could not bring myself to nurse anymore. So I weaned her in 4 days. There were a few tantrums but now I have a whole new daughter. She sleeps on her own. I can move her to her bed when she falls asleep and she STAYS asleep. This is a whole new world for me. I love it and I wish with all my heart I kept her on formula because I think it would have been best for us. Hind sight is always 20/20.
I love the benefits of breastfeeding but I can finally admit I am not a breastfeeder. I lasted longer than I thought possible but it was fear of not giving my daughter the best rather than enjoying our time. We have such better cuddles now and she is much more peaceful during the day. She falls asleep on my shoulder and I never ever had that unless she was nursing before.

Please share my experience with other new moms that are having problems with breastfeeding. It's better to be a happy mom than a resentful mom at feeding time. Don't feel like you are giving up, you are still giving your baby the best. I just wish I had someone tell me this 17 months ago.

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Think you have the wrong site..... This is a TTC site, go over to CMP if you wanna winge about your kids while most of us over here would give there right leg to have what you have!

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8 years ago

Well done that you did hold out that long! But you should do what feels right for you, even if others dont agree. Yes, i believe in breasfeeding for the first 6 weeks at least :). But not if it makes you unhappy. So great that you have a happy content baby now. Maybe she was feeling your stress about breastfeeding. Enjoy her

8 years ago

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