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Blood test

I finally got a PCM through Tricare and am going tomorrow to get a blood pregnancy test. I'm extremely excited and hoping for a BFP! Has anyone ever had a bpt at 11dpo?

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Why r u having one so early?

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5 years ago

Because I have some other major health issues and the blood pregnancy test would actually rule some out. I've been having some odd symptoms that could be related to pregnancy or something more serious. I'm a little worried so my doctor said I could do a blood test.

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Last month I did a bloodtest @ 11DPO, where I was told that I was 3 weeks pregnant going on 4 weeks, only to find out days later, that the clinic made a mistake and that they couldn't even tell if I was gregnant or not, cause it was too early to test, and that I had to retest to get the real results in a couple more days. Which AF show but I took the Bloodtest anyway and of course it was negative. But everyone is different, it might work out for you. GL !

5 years ago

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