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Wishing and Hoping - 5DPO

Hey fellow TTC friends -

I am 5dpo, and am excited - I could tell you about all the symptoms that I believe I am having, but we can just chalk those up to phantom symptoms. However, I will tell you this: I have never felt so bloated in my life...its awful - nothing fits.

Anyone else 5dpo?


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Hello! I'm 5dpo also! Going crazy till I can test!! I have a feeling it might be this month but I think it's more wishful thinking then anything else! This is only our 1st month ttc but I've been waiting a long time to ttc #3, so of course I want a bfp now!! LoL Is this baby #1 for you?

5 years ago


Baby dust to you! Yes, this would be TTC # 1. One step at a time, I suppose. I just am doing my best to not get all caught up in the phantom symptoms that come along with that two week wait.

I am in 37 so the conceiving part makes me nervous, but I have faith that everything will happen in its right time!


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