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Evening Ladies.

My name is Kaylee and I'm currently 19dpo and no sign of AF yet. Trying real hard not to get too excited but I can't help it. ^_^ I'm gonna wait till next week to go to the docs and get checked out for sure. But just wanted to hop on and see how all my other 19dpo ladies are feeling.

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Hi babymaybe7788 how long is your normal cycle? mine is 28 days and i am 18dpo with a last wk. Bloods put me as 4-5wks.

Have you done hpt yet? Best of luck.

5 years ago

Normally it's anywhere from 28-30 give or take.

I have done 4 HPT's

3 neg (11dpo, 15dpo, and today at 21dpo)
but used different brands so that maybe a reason

My one positive was on 12dpo.

I'm gonna make a doctors appointment sometime this week just to see what's up.

Thank you so much for the sticky baby dust. ^_^

5 years ago • Post starter

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