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5DPO & I don't FEEL any SYMPTOMS.

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5DPO & I don't FEEL any SYMPTOMS, anyone else?

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Oh, I forgot my dreams, they have been super crazy and vivid...they've been like this since O.

10 years ago

Hello ladies,

Chanda & starfish2002 - yeah! We all share the same ovulation schedule :)

I did the Clomid Challenge Test (CCT) this month so my symptoms are a bit exaggerated. Mostly gas/bloating so I'm a bit distracted and not sure if I'm missing anything else. I am having vivid dreams, which is similar to when I was pregnant (but mc) last May.

So curious to hear how things unfold for everyone. Thanks for sharing. Sending positive energy to everyone!

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10 years ago

Hi Ladies,
I've been reading everyone's post & I apolingogize for not responding, but I've been so down going into this month. The only things I have felt at this time is still a running nose slight cold mild cramps. and silence some sharp pains here and there but nothing major. I have no sore boobs at all. Still been trying to BD but I don't know if that worked because my head hasn't been in it since I lost the first one to a chemical pregnancy. but over all I'm still praying for a BFP. GL to you ladies!

10 years ago • Post starter

The vivid dreams are definitely a good indicator! I can't even count that though because I have always been a crazy, detailed dreamer. Although for some reason while I was pregers with DD I always dreamed about celebrities...and kidnapping them or making them my friends (I'm probably on some kind of watch list just for typing this!)! And 2 nights ago Brad Pitt & George Clooney made an appearance in dream land (man was I mad when my DD woke me up!!!!). SO maybe that means something??? Or I'm reading too many entertainment news magazines! Also, a nurse friend of mine told me she thinks I may have actually ovulated on CD#14, instead of the #18 as I had assumed. So I am either 6 or 10 dpo. Guess I'm resigned to waiting to test until the 10th or 11th. It's SO nice to have people in the same boat, and on the same cycle as me.

Also, I had another clump/glob of CM today...hoping that's a good sign???? And all sorts of stomach issues all day the last 2 days. Mainly diarrhea and bloating (which I know constipation is the more normal sign, but a girl has got to dream!).

Oh, and pbc910 - the dull, annoying cramping may be a VERY good sign! Maybe that little bean is burrowing in for the long haul as we speak!

10 years ago

I've always had crazy dreams, but recently they've gone onto a whole new level, like I feel like I am actually living the dream until I wake up and then I'm like WHAT THE HELL! Last night I dreamed I was so mad at my husband for something stupid I left him and then another dream I started setting things on fire. And another thing I've noticed is these dreams are so memorable...I can remember them for days.

Yeah I too have had tummy issues, although I can't say I've eaten too well, but just feel blah and I am seriously craving Coke and other sodas, something I normally don't crave - yes I usually crave ice, cold water...but the last couple days I've just wanted all the sugary goodness. Other foods have lost their flavor to me, especially chocolate, a Snickers bar I had tasted like cardboard.

I'm eagerly awaiting what my CM is going to be like b/c the past several cycles after O, its been lotiony about a week before AF and I was also hoping it was a good sign of pregnancy. So far, nothing really noticeable pertaining to CM.

As I am packing for my trip I am getting my tampons ready just in case AF shows up on time...I'm so hoping I pack of these and don't need them!!!!

10 years ago

I just got a positive HPT at 11DPO, at 5DPO I was convinced I was out of the game this cycle as I felt nothing really, other than normal PMS kinda stuff (even then it wasn't extreme). Chin up, it's still early and there is hope :). Good luck and baby dust to you!

10 years ago

Hey gals,

Finally,I think that i found the right thread. Am kinda new to this site - 9DPO and with no official symptoms. DH travels alot and so do I so we dont get to BD as much. No concrete symptoms have shown up apart from the mild cramps and the backache. AF is due on the 10th or 11th, jus hoping she doesnt show her ugly head!
Really praying for another girl. Baby dust to you all!!!!

10 years ago

Good news for those with no symptoms:
I miscarried on May 14th at 7 weeks (obviously, that's not the good news!), so, I very clearly remember my symptoms: NONE. Yup, NO symptoms. My DH and I were not necessarily ttc, but not taking any precautions. Since I had no symptoms, I didn't even test until I was 4 days late for my period. And, even then, I was convinced it had to be I took SEVEN more tests that night, and FIVE the next morning!!
My boobs didn't hurt, I didn't have to pee more often...and fatigue...heck no. In fact...the day before I tested, I had a VERY intense work weekend that involved extremely long hours on my feet (I wear a pedometer, and walked 9.5 miles the day before I tested).
Within 2 days of testing positive (20dpo) I was fatigued, and 2 days after that (22dpo) my boobs began to be very sore.
Now I'm on a mission TTC!

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10 years ago

My symptoms have all gone away except these AF like cramps. I've had them since O, a lot at first, now like once a day. Only other thing is that I was super moody and irritable yesterday, huge blowout with the hubby, getting upset over everything. Damn hormones, they've been way worse since I got off bc!

10 years ago

Got a BFN with ClearBlue Digi this morning. I told myself I wasn't going to test until AF was due, but I woke up at 5am really having to pee & couldn't resist the urge to POAS. I haven't felt any symptoms since my negative so possibly they were all in my head. Except I had a small amount of CM on the TP again this morning (which is one thing I can't fake!). So I'm still holding out a little hope - I did test pretty early. I'm going to try again on Thursday (which is still 4 days before AF is due) because it is my birthday & I think that would be a pretty awesome present! Still hoping I'm growing somebody this month!

10 years ago

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