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Well, now I am just confused.

I got a little too froggy and jumped a bit early.. 8DPO today. Yesterday morning, I felt a little off and peed on an EPT +/- test. It was a verrrry faint positive almost immediately. I couldn't believe it, so I took another one with my next bathroom visit, and AGAIN, the same thing. The 2nd was a bit more faint, but still visible with a blue tint. Then, this morning, I took two of the 1st Response tests, and got 2 NEGATIVES. =\' I'm bummed/confused, etc. I know I shouldn't have taken them so early.. any others had this same thing happen? I'm refusing to take another test for at least 3 more days, so I'll be at least 11DPO.

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FTR, I have taken these tests before, and I've seen they're very visible evap lines... these were different, these actually had blue, and they were immediate... that's why I was so sure they were +. Now, I just don't know.

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first of all, in getting your this month

never trust the blue dye - so many women including myself learned this bitter true about blue lines - they're not trustworthy

Wishing you getting your nice pink one very soon

5 years ago

I guess I am still learning that... =[ Thank you though!!! I'll definitely take a different one soon.

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