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could i be pregnant, tubes are done, is it all in my head?

ok, is it all in my head or is smething else going on? Igot my tubes done almost 13 years ago and for some reason I am having all kind of symptoms, not really wanting to start over after 12 years and soon to be in my 40's but for real....symptoms: metallic taste in mouth, craving nothing but pineapples (crazy), no period in march but last 2 have been lighter then normal, feel pressure in private as if a fist is there (makes no since), my upper stomach for the last month in half tightens like braxton hick contractions is the only way i can explain it, mood swings, nose bleed last weekend butmyblood pressure has been up lately eve wit taking my meds, runny nose no sneezing will just all of a sudden start to run, sharp breast pain comes and goes. it's more, light headed suddenly, taken 2 pregnancy test both negative.....details periods: dec. 2nd week 2011, jan. 3, 2012, feb 8, 2012, none in march, apr. 10, 2012, may 12, 2012 (no signs had some stomach cramping that morning off and on for 30 min or so then felt a pinch in bladder went to use restroom and came on......someone help an old lady, please

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Hi have you ever heard about false pregnancy it all comes from your head good luck!

5 years ago

I had a relative who had her tubes tied for 4 years and then gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She was almost 5 months before she found out because she thought there was no way she could be pregnant. It could happen.

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5 years ago

my goodnes, kaydee85, I keep tryingto dismiss the possibility. a good friend who's a nurse for over 20 years told me I need to get a blood test, even the symptoms I'm having seem suspect to her as

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