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5-23=CD1, buddy wanted!


I am new to the forum. My name is Shelly, and I am ttc my third (first child with remarriage). I have two wonderful DD's, *almost 12, and 8.

This is my very first cycle TTC off Mirena. I was blessed and fortunate with very quick conceptions with #1 and #2, but know that every journey is totally different. This time I am much older (32 vs. 20 and 24) and I am with a new BD buddy, lol. So, who knows!?

I would LOVE a new TTC buddy!!

-Meet all of us- Shelly, 32 and Ryan, DH, 27 (Remarried!) Arianna, DD, 11 Julia, DD, 8 User Image

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Hi, I noticed you said youre trying for #3. Me too! I am currently 4dpo and testing between June 1-5th. Fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

~*Mommy to 2 blessings. Trying for a 3rd!*~

5 years ago

I'll be your cycle buddy my cycle day is 5/29 though... Good luck!! I just got my mirena out 6/1 while on Af .. But the previous two weeks before I was spotting light brown pinkish.. I'm ttc for #2

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5 years ago


My cycle started 5-23 as well. This is my first month here, we are trying for baby #2. Good luck to you and I hope that baby #3 comes as easy as your two daughters !


5 years ago

Hi!! I am a little behind you, my CD1 was 30 May. I am trying for #4. But 1st with my husband.

5 years ago

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