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Symptoms, Testing negative

IF (big fat IF) I am in fact pregnant I would be about 5 weeks. My last two tests were 4 and 5 days ago. I have gotten 5 evaps on CVS brand and my last CVS test was kind of a noticeable evap (I have a pic on my profile). Well, the line showed up in about less than 2 minutes, but I believe it was an evap because I tested the next morning with First Response and it was negative. I am trusting the first response because I have heard the blue dye tests are not to be trusted. I am SO bloated! I'm EXTREMELY gassy this week, today is the worst so far and I have not consumed anything carbonated all week. Also, this morning I drank a cup of coffee and felt extremely nauseous shortly afterward and have been feeling a bit nauseous all week. Also, since I believe that I am not pregnant, I smoked marijuana last night with my friend and the general area of my uterus felt VERY warm and a bit tingly and my boobs felt very tingly. BUT, I'm not sure if I was psyching myself out. Anyhow, I really don't want to test again or go to the doctor because I don't want to see another negative. Oh, and with my first pregnancy (which I terminated due to circumstnaces) I did not test positive until 5 weeks and 4 days. Any experiences?

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get a bloodworks done hun, my firstborn didnt show up on a hpt till i was nearly 5 months gone if i hadnt have gone in thinking it were meningitis i wouldnt have known

5 years ago

WOW! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm STILL getting very very faint positives. I've had 11 now. I will definitely make an appointment ASAP :)

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