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normal pg symptoms but still on period...???

i am a mother all ready and ttc, it has been 3 months ttc every day no bc, last month i had sore breasts heavy period but short and was late by almost a week, and i am constant normal every day of the month same day... this month i was supposed to start on the 21st but started on the 19th and have been oober light, not like normal, i have had a metallic taste in my mouth, migraines like crazy, my food is tasting sour, ( cherries, white bread ) i had to choke down pasta which is my fav food, and i am urinating like crazy today, ( i almost decided to stay in there...e.e) i have taken many tests, all say Neg. but i am having slight sensitive breasts and nausea as well as slight memory loss, am i going crazy, or is there a possibility i am or might be pregnant... last pregnancy the DRs couldn't tell i was pg from the tests they ran, and i was around 8wks last time i found out, maybe earlier, my first i was 14weeks, my husband says i have been more sex craved, cranky, had some weird cravings, irritable, more tired then normal and weepy emotional, i also have slight cramps and sometimes vomit only in my mouth in small amounts, ( sorry if tmi) right now, i am confused, i have had dreams of babies like crazy but is that because i want to be even tho i have shrugged off the idea, or is it possible i am that 20% - 30% who still have their periods and other signs with negative results, anything here will help me, i am not all here this round...

Thank you all in advance

to all and wishing a to all who want it

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I have had the same thing happening to me this month. I am wondering if I actually got pregnant and my almost non existant period was actually a form of implantation bleeding??? If it was my period then I should be ovulating today???? But I am not sure lol so confused!!!!

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5 years ago

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