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Preseed lub

Hi I am new to this forum, and am trying for my 3rd baby have an 8 and 11yr old ds. Had a mmc in fed at 12 weeks, followed by 2 ercp's :( since then my cm has been difficult to judge, so I've just ordered some Preseed lub and wondered if anyone else had tried it, and wanted to share their stories........

Good luck to all ttc xx

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Hi Mrs :) I love love love preseed :) I just had to go out and buy more since we were out. As far as being successful with it we only officially starte using it during ovulation last month. My DH likes it too. It does not have a STRONG odor and it does not get sticky. I think it feels like actual CM.

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5 years ago

Well my Preseed arrived today and it's just in time for ovulation hopefully (tomorrow till Sunday) so fingers crossed! Lol

Fingers crossed for BFP in June!


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