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TTC...Symptoms but negative test!

Okay so I just got off the Implanon implant birth control and my boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost three months now. But the problem is the Implanon is still inside my body due to complications with removal. So I am still ovulating but I havent had my period yet. My OBGYN said I should start my period by the end of next week. So during my last ovulation which I think was some where between the 2nd and the 8th of May(Not really sure how to figure that out exactly) We have been researching how to TTC and the steps to take which we have been doing.
So on Monday the 14th of May. I started to acquire some symptoms. It started with My breast becoming very tender and swollen and as the days went on they are now a size bigger then normal, extremely sore, my nipples are sensitive and darkening in color, and yesterday I am starting to get blue veins running through them. Next was the headaches and back aches. I dont get Headaches very often but in the last week ive been getting them a good twice to three times a day and very extreme. My back aches are in my low to middle back. By Thursday I was nauseated from smells and just the sight of things.( Im not a type of person to throw up its got to take alot for me to but Ive become severely nauseated to were I will throw up in my mouth a little bit from a smell). As well as extremely tired and exhausted from the slightest things. I have also noticed in the last week that I have been discharging clearish cervical mucus alot. I have an extreme craving for ice cream, I get dizzy easily, I have been drooling more at night and when I talk, as well I have been having severe mood swings and irritation. MY boyfriend, my self and my sister who is 6 weeks pregnant all think that I am pregnant. But I took a test this morning and it came back negative. Could I be testing to early or could it be something else?

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Depending it may be too early implantation occurs between 9-12 DPO so if you are before that it still might be early.. but i had some of the symptoms you are having like sore bbs even before i ovulated.. I got my BFP on mother's day at 13DPO

Test in the next couple days to a week :D

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