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I am about 8 or 9 DPO. Last period was April 26th. I go on a cycle of 28,30,33 and have only been late (more than 33 days) 3 times in my life. Never earlier than 28.

Yesturday I had brown spotting for about an hour or two in the mid afternoon. Went away by evening.
This morning took a test, BFN. Spotting red. Later on in the day I am now light bleeding. Enough to wear a pad but could wear the pad all day if I wanted to (I wont cause I like to be clean) TMI coming up, but that's how light I'm going. It is red, maybe dark red in color and stretchy. No cramps no nothing. Typically when I have my AF I am cramping like a mf-er the first day, but I have nothing. What's up? Is this really IB'ing?

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not really sure but it could be IB, or an early period, all you can do is wait u pms isnt dur for 6 day u might have ov later than u thought

5 years ago

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