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Baby aspirin and progestrone suppositorys

I feel this month I have missed my chance or actually there never was one mainly because I have pcos so I think I proably have a short luetal phase and low pogesterone. So I have been researching, how to strengthen and prolong my luetal phase and raise my progestrone levels and then prevent another msscarriage. Here is what I found please can you tell me if this has been recommended or even tried by anyone on this forum

B6 at no more than 50mg per day has been proven to extend the leutal phase

Progestorne suppository are used from the beginning of your cycle, making the lining of the uterus more suitable for implantation, also to continue with this until you are 11 weeks pregnant at this point the placenta takes over. I think there is some truth as my sister who is pregnant through ivf is doing exactly this,

Take baby aspirin from beginning of cycle to increase blood flow to uterus and ovaries and to prevent misscarriage take till 36 weeks pregnant

Bit peeved surely if these small things could make such a massive difference then why are we not informed when ttw

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i can speak on b6- first cycle i took it raised my LP from 11 to 14 and since then (4th cycle since)my LP had been 14 but i started at 50 and now taking 100 (was told NOT to exceed 100) cause it could mess with the nerves. hope i helped and

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Thanks lyric36 that's great to know, will be starting b6 asap

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