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I Have the Longest Cycle in the World!

Technically, I'm 19DPO and STILL waiting on AF! Last time I checked my cycle (though irregular) was 42 days. 42!! The wait is killing me! I've tried to be patient but it is very rough, especially when I may not see any results still until Tuesday. (This whole process started April 29th!)

I feel like my AF is coming now which makes it even rougher. Instead of a 2 week wait, I'm destined to always have a THREE week wait. I've had three weeks of moody, weepy, exhausted days. It's taking a toll on me.

Anyone else have this frustrating issue?

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Just because your luteal phase is longer doesn't mean you have to wait longer to get that positive. If you ovulate like normal (around 14 days) then you will get a positive 2 weeks later just like everyone else. It takes up to 12 days for conception to occur and a couple of days more for the hormone to show up on a test so that is why they say a two week wait. I have PCOS and my cycles are over 50 days long a lot of the time. My luteal phase was ridiculous. I ovulate late, around day 18 and then have over a month of just a luteal phase lol. But I got a BFP well before my period would have started, just 9 days after I ovulated. So if you know when you ovulated you're good. Just add two weeks on it at the latest for testing.

5 years ago

Oh! Thank goodness! As you can tell, this is my first time going through all of this! I was just going by this site's calculator which says not to even THINK about testing until this coming Tuesday, lol. Looks like I ovulate around day 20 for me, but still if that's the case looks like my wait is over. Sigh of relief to know and start again next month (after AF comes of course). Thanks so much! :)

And 50 days! Ouch! :D

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It could also be that you just didn't ovulate, or have a period, and will just resume normal operation when your NEXT cycle was due to start.

A few months back, I had a cycle of about 99 days, so it was pretty clear that I missed two periods.

My cycles are pretty irregular though, so hopefully this will be a one off for you!

Kristy xx

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5 years ago

My periods are between 36 and 42 days long as well, although I don't generally O until cd 22, which always seems like an age, but it comes round soon enough.

Good Luck and I hope you get your really soon.xx

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i hate long cycles! I am currently on day 182(i had to break my cycle up in smaller chunks to make the site not complain about it) and i "think" im ovulating now. I do have PCOS so long, irregular cycles comes with the territory. Anyway, i just wanted to say that you can still be pregnant and not get a positive 14 days after ovulation. Many women get their plus very late, sometimes even months into the pregnancy. So, as long as you dont get AF, there is always hope.

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5 years ago

Back to wait&see for me then! I refuse to take another test until late next week, lol, it drives me crazy.

I hope you're ovulating right now! *crossing fingers* Do you use the strips? Those worked for me!

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hey I feel your pain I have a 40 day cycle... I did get pregnant but then i miscarried but it took me 7 months to get pregnant .... so now we're trying again i'm at 12 dpo. dont worry it will happen its bloodly annoying but it will happen.. sending baby dust your way

5 years ago

I agree! Baby dust to you and crossing fingers.

As for me, womp womp, AF is here at exactly 42. Next time for me! Thanks all!

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I feel your pain! my cycle is 37 days long and im technically 11dpo (i've been using clear blue OPK's) and im still waiting! Its sooooo frustrating :(

5 years ago

Crossing fingers for you!!

And I'm so glad I'm not alone in these extended periods! (haha punny!)

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