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Testing is so frustrating!

My period is due today, zero sign of it coming. I've been testing like a maniac, should know better!

Yesterday at 2pm:
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This morning:
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Yesterdays looks positive, to me atleast. I swore I saw something faint this morning, just need others' input!


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Well, do you about if your cycle is on target every month? What HPT are u using? I would try another kind of test. And stop worryinig, and I know its easier said than done, right now I am 9 dpo, and I have all the early signs of pregnancy, so its just a waiting game. As of now, implantation is setting in so it will take time for the hCG hormone to build up so a positive preg test can show. In your case put your mind on something else, and it could mean that you didn't ovulate this month, or its gonna be late, or you are pregnant. Let me know the outcome.

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5 years ago

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