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33.5 mm follice

I went to the dr. for my 1st ultrasound . My follicle was 20mm . I had my IUI on 5/15/12 and my follicle was 33.5mm . The nurse said it was a good size . I'm reading that it may be to big for pregnancy to happen. Has anyone gotten pregnant with this size? What are your thoughts ? Hubby also had 8 million sperm with good mobility.
Thank you & good luck to all TTC

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They always look for "Excellent" but we all know not everything is perfect. Good is still good, but not perfect. Stay positive, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. And my toes crossed for me.

5 years ago

Thank you. I'm holding on to all hope this month. I'm trying not to think about it and stress myself out . Yeah I'm thinking the same. "Good " just don't sound good enough. Good luck to you.

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