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someone help need advice!!

Hi, need some advice im 10 dpo and for the past 4-5 days iv been feeling sick and notices tht my breasts were abit sore and today iv gone to the toilet and was dark reddish blood and have cramping im not due a period for another 4days.. Could i be pregnant??

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technically yes you could be but the dark red blood isn't as common as lighter pinkish spotting which is implantation bleeding. you are on track for that but it is possible you aren't. you wont really know until you miss your period or have a positive HPT. :)

5 years ago

I did a HP this morning and got a BFN :-(.. Were just going to have to keep trying... thank you ctote10 whats your story if you dont mind me asking im new to this site.. :-)

5 years ago • Post starter

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