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cycle buddies 4 or 5 DPO to share symptoms and test together

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Hello am currently now on Cycle Day 17 about 4 or 5 Days Past Ovulation and been having symptoms like mild cramps on my sides and some pain in my abdominal and little mild pain in my breasts and would like to find cycle buddies

so if you are in the same Cycle Day or Days Past Ovulation you don't have to have the same symptoms or even any symptoms but your trying to conceive please replay and we will keep replying to each other everyday during the two week wait and telling each other how we feel and ask questions and answer each other
and would even test and tell what result we got

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Sorry that was hot flashes
Was writing from my phone and it miss correct it
Hotel ashes loool that's funny
Good night all

5 years ago • Post starter

okay this might be weird but last month I had a dream and i remember in the dream I was looking at this forum i just didnt know what it was in my dream but sharky i remember seeing that you just wrote the same two post same words them both in the same order. and also in that dream i had taken three pregnancy test and it didnt show me the results i woke up right when i was gonna get them idk its just weird. i hope it means and in the dream i was taking the same exact test im gonna take in a few days to all

to all

5 years ago

Firsttimer Oh my God really That's so werid
I wonder if it means I sure hope it does
After this one I would sure like to know
It's really werid when you have a dream then see it happen
Hopfully it will all turn out something great To all

Can't wait to test hope we all get

5 years ago • Post starter

Hello grls today am 13dpo how is every body feeling today? i been really gassy and bloated i feel like a ballon at this point . any new feelings with you guys?

5 years ago

hello, im 5dpo im bloated, cramps, tiredness, tender nipples and have a bad sore throat don't know what 2 do about that?... i will be testing on the 31 that's 9 long day s from now. cant wait!! & to you all.

5 years ago

ok thanks you guys ill do that... the waiting game is driving me nuts lol

5 years ago

I totally understand am waiting till thursday to see if i dont get instead of testing right now buy

5 years ago

not feeling much different just mild cramps
am about 10 DPO today and was really going to test today it's really so hard to wait espcaily that I already bought 3 test but I will wait it's only 3 day more but I can do it

you can buy those things you suck on for the sore throat
the tablets they always helped me when I had a sore throat
or you can drink tea with lemon and honey that works too

good look to all

5 years ago • Post starter

sorry for this question you don't have to answer but just would like to know

whats your name ?
how old are you ?
how many years have you been married ?
where do you live or where are you from ?

Am Sarah
Am 26
been married for a year and a half now
I live in Edmonton Canada but am actually American from Californian

5 years ago • Post starter

Im Kerry, 34, not married but been together for 7.5 years, live in Hastings, East Sussex UK.

I have given up on this month and opened my fav tipple of strawberry cider from Sweden. Everything points to AF on Sat.


5 years ago

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