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cycle buddies 4 or 5 DPO to share symptoms and test together

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Hello am currently now on Cycle Day 17 about 4 or 5 Days Past Ovulation and been having symptoms like mild cramps on my sides and some pain in my abdominal and little mild pain in my breasts and would like to find cycle buddies

so if you are in the same Cycle Day or Days Past Ovulation you don't have to have the same symptoms or even any symptoms but your trying to conceive please replay and we will keep replying to each other everyday during the two week wait and telling each other how we feel and ask questions and answer each other
and would even test and tell what result we got

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Ladies tomorrow i will be 11dpo and i am going to test early morning please wish me luck

I will keep you in touch with my results i hope so bad it turns out to a stay away from me !!!!

5 years ago


Ok ladies, anyone had any signs of implantation?

I am bloated and had pains in lower right abdomen yesterday and today AF like cramps but no implantation bleeding or anything. But these are probably just pre-af things

how you all doing?

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5 years ago

ellekayejaye and yeslin
Am doing good thanks
I hope you get a Yeslin am the same thing
Today we traveled like almost a 4 hour drive when we almost got there my stomich started hurting me like AF is coming for an hour or so I couldn't even walk but now the pain is very mild and I still have this werid feeling in my breasts
No implantion bleeding though still can't wait for next week to test
I can't wait to know your result tomorrow Yeslin
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5 years ago • Post starter

Hello hopetobeprego welcome im sorry to hear about your last baby to but we are all pulling and praying for you hope you get your soon!

Yeslin I hope you get your im praying for you girl. stay away from her or we will find you lol.

I hope we all get our soon! how is your cervix suppose to feel at 6dpo if your pregnant because I have been checking it. when I was ovulating it was high soft and open and very wet. checked it the past two days and low firm and dry. I checked it today and it was really high i could barley reach it and soft i couldn't tell if it was ope it was to high and really wet in there. *sorry I know TMI big time sorry*

and stay away from us

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5 years ago

Firsttimer - the high and soft cervix is the fertile one and after Ovulation it drops and goes back to being firm again.

However, it does move about a bit and can get a bit softer and then revert back. It because the oestrogen makes it soft and the corpus luteum (where the egg hatched from) that is dishing out all the progesterone still emits an bit of oestrogen so your cervix is going to be affected still.

Plus your cervix moves around during a day anyway especially if you need the loo (tmi - but true) and if you are feeling sexy it can obviously get wetter lol.

Unfortunately there isn't a "pregnant cervic" state that we all can rely on. Big fat shame.....

Sharky - don't worry about the implantation bleed - it may not but you could still be pg :) Annoying to feel so crampy on a long journey though.

Anyone giving in and testing tomorrow?

Apart from my breasts being even more tender than yesterday I don't have any more symptoms.... :(


5 years ago

i talked to my cousin who is 10wks but she couldn't give me an answer i told her that i have taken a test thursday at 4dpo and told her it came up then i told her i went to go see it again cuz i was gonna save it idk why but i go back it has a very faint test line. i told her it was an evep line she asked me what test it was and i said it was one from a doctors office that my mom works at that she gave me. cousin says that its not an evep line its a very faint line. idk what to believe she told me if it came from the doctor it doent have and evap line that it just took really long to show up * took test early that morning and it was midnight when i went to look back* she said that it might just be that the hcg just got into my system. idk what to think just gonna retest next sunday

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5 years ago

I am not massively certain but I thing all tests (bar digital) can have an evap line especially after this much time, even Doctors ones.

Also I do know from a RN that the Docs ones measure 100ml of HCG and the wondfo (dip sticks) and cheepies from drug store (dollor tree - we dont have those here in the UK) are around the 25-50ml mark.

The First Response ones and Clearblue (early one) are 20-25ml and would pick up more.

I would suggest that you wait till Wed ie around 12 dpo or you may end up spending a small fortune on tests.
Hope you are coping ok hun! You sound so very stressed and anxious. xx


5 years ago

I decided to test on that at 13dpo than at 14dpo because my husband is getting off of work and we are going to his parents for a cook out. and waiting got to me lol. im finally getting more noticeable BBs soreness and tenderness. I hope it's not. have a nice day ladies

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5 years ago

So Yeslin how is your result
I hope it's If not there is still a chance you are pregnant so you don't have to worry

Fitsttimer am going to test on the 13 too it will be next the coming Friday
Am about 8 DPO today and having the same symtomes

Is anyone feeling anything new ?

5 years ago • Post starter

Any results yet Yeslin???

I got something new - spots! grrr

Slept 10 hours solid last night and I'm still tired. My temps have evened out but nowhere near as high as this time last month - not sure if that is usual or not. My BB's are tender still and when I got dressed for bed last night I had marks on them from my bra so they have gotten bigger.

How is everyone else today?


5 years ago

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