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Clomid Challenge Test Results - HELP with levels!

Okay... anyone have any insight to my Clomid Challeng Test results?? I took 100 mg of Clomid from days 5-9.

Day 3
Estradoil 36
FSH 10.5
Prolactin 10.2

Day 10
Estradoil 357
FSH 10.5

Thanks for any help/insight!!

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It can only be a good thing that your Estradoil went up, right? Although that's a new word on me....not sure what that is.

I too took 100 mg/day on this cycle - but no bloodwork for me until Monday (1 week after ov), and like last time, I think they're just checking my progesterone levels.

Good luck to you!

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5 years ago

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