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TTC with Fibromyalgia

I've seen a lot of stories all over the web regarding TTC, successful possitives, etc, but I've seen nothing on dealing with fibromyalgia during pregnancy.

I've had fms coming on 11 years now, I turn 23 this year and am in a stable, comfortable situation with my partner. However due to my fms, I've gone through 4 Missed Miscarriages.

1st - with an ex, I got a positive before my period was due, but then my period hit after an anxiety attack. My fms was relatively new and at it's strongest due to a lot of stress.

2nd - with the same ex, I had a lot of nausea, constantly with my head buried in the toilet bowl and exhaustion but then my period hit and nothing. I had the doctor confirm this one as a missed miscarriage. Still a relatively stressful situation.

3rd - with my current partner, I was exhausted, lost my appetite, had constant nausea and had a huge craving for ginger beer, it was the only thing I could drink with feeling sick. I had just gotten out of the stressful situation.

4th - currently partner again, I'm still currently going through the period of it but this one has by far been the worst. I've had violent mood swings, violent to the point of constant emotional breakdowns, exhaustion, no appetite whatsoever and had to force myself to eat, severely tender breasts, wildly vivid dreams, headaches and constantly needing to make trips to the bathroom.

My period hit hard a few days ago. The thing with fms is it's where the nervous system attacks the body, creating pinched nerves and trapped nerves. I have a trapped nerve in my thigh causing constant semi-numbness (when scratching the skin it feels like I'm rubbing it with my fingertips rather than nails) and pinched nerves all over my body causing sharp pains varying from electric shock sensations to a violent stabbing pains depending on strength. These attacks are often triggered by stress but I haven't had a bad attack since I left my stressful situation.

What my doctor has told me is that my fertility itself is fine, however my fms is causing my body to be hostile, my unterus in particular, picking up the fertilised egg to be an enemy and removes it. So I can conceive, I just can't seem to hold a baby.

I would very much love to hear any stories people may have in regards to having to deal with fibromyalgia while ttc as well as during the pregnancy. My doctors flat out refuse to help me unless they can drug me up on anti-depressants, I'm against them for personal reasons and general fear of them.

Even if it involves having to be on such medication, I would greatly appreciate hearing these stories, these missed miscarriages are getting rather tiresome to deal with.

Thank you kindly,

Miss Ran

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HI Missran,
I have fms, i've had symptoms for over 15 years but was only diagnosed last August. My main issue is the fatigue. I can deal with the pain but i am on a low dose of anti depressant and it really is helping me to reach that important level of deep sleep. I have had 3 chemical pregnancys since august and am now trying again. My main symptom when i do conceive seems to be my mood. I become very down for a day or so and have very strong mood swings. I told a cold caller to do one last time, I actually yelled at them. It was like wow what the heck happened there. Again this only last like 1 or 2 days. I'm fairly certain that my miscarriages are a chemical imbalance and not related to my tablets so I am now refusing to test before my period as it is actually very common for pregnancies to end before you are due. We only notice it more these days because of the early tests. On top of that I have been diognosed today with a Bicornuate uterus which means it is hart shaped but with horns. This apparently could make things hard plus I have vaganismus too so I can't say if it's just my FMS causing these problems. Keep trying and just be prepared for it to be a little harder than it would be for others. I have been told by my doctor that fms shouldn't cause miscarriage so don't give up.
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