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What the heck!? 16dpo

I am 16 dpo & 2 days late no sign of af and symptoms I had with my last pregnancy, sore breasts, increased cm that is EXACTLY like my last pregnancy but still getting bfn? Anyone get late bfp?

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Hi! I don't know if AF has already made it's appearance but here goes my answer anyway:

Our body produces HCG after the implantation. Although it's uncommon, maybe the implantation took just a little bit longer and, therefore, the HCG levels were too low to be detected.

Also, I know two women who said HPT's didn't show a BFP when they should, although they were pregnant.

Since it has been two days, has AF decided to show? Or, hopefully, have you had a BFP after all? :D


5 years ago

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