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Ladies with 31-33 day cycle who got BFP's

I am just wondering what dpo you were when you got your first BFP. Most calculators say most women will get their first positive at 9-11 dpo and I'm guessing those are the 28 day gals. I am on a 31-33 cycle and hoping this is my month.

Just wanted to see how early you girls got your BFP

FX for me please!!!

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15dpo is usually when I get the first *sigh* I wish I had a shorter cycle and was lucky enough to pick it up at 9dpo!!!!!!

Me: 27 PCOS DH: 25 Fine and dandy November 2011 First round of 50mg Clomid. December 22 !!! January 1 2012 m/c @7 weeks - Clomid 50mg round #2 Feb 2012. 21 day progesterone level at a 3 !!! Another m/c at 5 weeks - Clomid 100mg April - June epic fail - July Femara/Ovidril It worked!!! - Sept - .... lost a genetically healthy baby boy

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Thank you for your reply!!

All these views and no one ver replys??????

I'm hoping to get my BFP around then. I caved and took another one today at 12dpo and still stark white.... Hoping it's still a little early :)

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