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3 days late and BFN test, took Clomid 3-7

Hello Ladies,
To those of you who got a BFP on clomiid, never been that late that will be my first time and first round on it. How many days late were you before getting a BFP. Took it days 3-7 50 mg and don't know when i ovulated but i'am usually a 26 days cycles length and pretty regular never went over 28 days. Had relally sore boobs sarting CD 16 and and felt the same up to yesterday specially when i took of my bras but the soreness dissapear this morning. And still no AF but liquide white CM ( sorry TMI). I tested yesterday and neg so i'am not planning on testing again till monday. Can't stand to see that single line on the test, i prefered AF.

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I took a hpt on my 15dpo and was a BFN. Today I'm on my 17dpo and 3 day late so I decided to test again and I did and came out to be a BFP. I had full with soreness BB and yesterday the fullness went down just a little, but still sore with mild cramps as I'm about to get my period. Baby dust to you...

5 years ago

Thank you TTC baby2012, and congratulations on your BFP and i hope that i'll have the saime results soon since i'm felling about the same way you felt before getting your positve. LIke i said yesterday the soreness subsided and now i do have AF cramps on and off and still not AF. So instead of waiting till monday. I'll give it i try again tomorrow. And thank again and happy nine months to you.

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Started spoting thsi morning, so on for another cycle i'm debating about giving clomid another round or take a break that was my 1st moth. Glad tht they came cause i didn't want to have it trigger to come. So CD1 and a hoping for BFP this month i wan't give up till i'll get those two lines on my test. With God i will. Baby dust to all of us.

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