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Depo shot - no period???

Hi ladies...I'm looking for some advice! My spouse & I were ttc w/out any luck - then we decided maybe it was best to take a break for awhile to get more situated - well I figured I'd get on the Depo for a lil. I figured I wouldn't get pregnant anyway...I supposedly ovulated on April 28th & was romantically involved April 27th. However, I went & got my 1st Depo shot on May 1st - the doc told me I'd most likely receive a period until my 2nd shot was due in 3 mths. & my monthly was due on May 12th, which comes like clock work! I didn't get it - not even spotting...I don't know if it's from the Depo or if I got super lucky when I just gave up on trying so hard! But I'm so scared to take a test. Instead of getting my hopes up to be crushed I was wondering if any of you ladies have experience w/ the Depo shot & not receiving your monthly on it so soon after the shot??? Thank you in advance for your time & replies!!!


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It really depends on your body. Some people don't get a period at all and some bleed the whole 3 months. I would def do a hpt though. People have gotten pregnant whie on it or right before getting it and their babies have been fine if thats what your concerned about. Of course there are "risks" but that goes for everything. I just saw an episode of I didn't know I was pregnant and the girl too the depo the whole time and never knew. She had no symptoms and had period like bleeding evey month! I would definitly take a test if I were you

5 years ago

Thank you Myboys2 for your reply & help! I greatly appreciate it!!!


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