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12dpo and BBT dip... Any hope?

Does anyone want to tell me if I have ANY hope? I'm 12/13 dpo now depending on when I actually O'ed and I didn't start temping until after O date so I'm a little unsure as to how low my pre-o temps were. Has anyone else had a dip at 12 dpo and still ended up pregnant?? I wish this day would hurry up and be over so I could temp!!

You can compare to last month's chart.

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It is hard to tell. I would recommend retesting in a day or two and wait out AF. I suggest temping throughout the month to be sure when u O

5 years ago

AF arrived late this afternoon... I do know exactly when I O'ed so that wasn't the issue it was just my temps pre-o to judge if my higher temps were abnormaly high.

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