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Its about to be mother's day and what way to start my day off better than having a BFP. Ok everyone I had to take a opk test today. I'm 8dpo with tender breast, light to medium headaches and a lil backpains. My test was positive. The test line was darker than the control line. I decided to take a hpt and it came back negative what could this mean.

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It could mean a number of things. Pherhaps when you thought that you ovulated, your body geared up to o but didn't and has been delayed until now, or you could possibly be pg and the opk is more sensitive than your hpt, or it can just be a random surge. I have read that random surges are possible in woman at times the closer you get to AF.. maybe wait a few days and take a sensitive hpt with fmu and see what happens. I really don't think that a opk would show + for preg before a good sensitive hpt though. Good Luck

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thank you

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