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Saliva Ferning Test.....

Well ladies i decided to buy a Saliva Microscope. to test when i ov.
I was wondering if there were any other ladies out there that are using this type of test?
Does anyone have any finding when they have used the test?
I tested for the first time the other day and got no ferning at all, but i think i didnt do it right. After reading up on it more and tryed first thing this morning i have full ferning :)
Would be nice to read other peoples stories on this subject.

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Hi Joker 31,

I am not using the saliva monitor this round, but I used it when I was ttc my ds#1. It worked! It definitely accurately showed when I was O'ing. It's important to note that I was using several methods to track when I was O'ing. I was also temping and charting, and using O predictor tests. ;) You can tell I was really trying.

But that's why I also know the saliva monitor really works, because it always ferned when the other prediction methods were showing me to O.

Best of luck!

5 years ago

I use a saliva microscope and love it. Mine shows slight ferning in the day or two leading up to O, when it then shows full ferning before tapering off again. I also get slight ferning a few days before AF.

I make sure I test in the morning before any food or water. I use a big blob of saliva (I 'wipe' the bubbles off the top with the tip of my finger) and leave it to dry for at least an hour or so, until it's completely dry.

The ferning coincides with my temps, so it works well for me. Good luck!

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5 years ago

Hi ladies!

Did any of you come back with a bfp using the saliva microscope? And did you keep ferning until you found out you were pg?

I keep getting ferning since I O'd so I'm really hoping someone can give me a definitive answer :)

Baby dust to you all!

5 years ago

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