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Anyone else 15 dpo and get a false negative???

Hello ladies,

Im new here just started officially ttc. Im now 15 dpo and no sign of af but no positive either. Did anyone else get a bfp at a later dpo?? Im still tryin to hold out hope for this month hope im not out. . . Anyone in the boat with me? lol

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day 14 here and no signs of af either. I tested today and got a bfn. I have been ttc for 4 months now and have been off of bc since jan and no luck so far. I have been so irregular and i am beyond frustrated. i just wanted a BFP for mothers day :(

5 years ago

im 15 dpo also and no sign of af...took 3 tests and got VERY FAINT lines not even sure if theyre really in the same boat.

5 years ago

I'm in the same boat. Took a test today and negative. 15-16 DPO and no period yet.

5 years ago

Yeah im now 19 dpo. It is soo frustrating. Im still getting a bfn so i just decided to stop testing. Im feeling out this month. I dont feel pregnant just crampy and back aches but im sure that could just be af stuff. Its just irritating because if im not prego then i would really just like af to start so my cycle would start over. My af is extremely irregular. the only reason i knew i was O is because i was tracking it. Its just soo frustrating! I want that bfp. :(

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