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Soy Isoflavones cycle day 3-7 completed......

Ok well I've taken the recommended doses of Isoflavones on cycle days 3-7 and I await ovulation next week! Felt some mild period pains day 5 and feel bit sick but apart from that no side affects, altho I did take them before bed?!
Fingers crossed as after 1 m/c and 1 stillbirth over 8 months ago I think I deserve some luck/good news?! Fingers crossed for me ladies xx

Sarz x

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FX! I took Soy last cycle and didn't have much luck but it only my first TTC cycle after we lost our daughter at almost 19 weeks due to pPROM.

I was going to up my dose this cycle but I'm visiting my parents and left my Soy at home and when I went to Walmart today there was none :(

5 years ago

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