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Due date after miscarriage?

Hi, so I was just wondering how you know what your due date is if you didn't have a normal cycle after miscarriage? My last real cycle was March 20th 2012 and I ovulated april 3rd 2012 and lost the baby april 22. I bled lightly and lost a bunch of tissue for about 4 days. I took an ovulation test on May 6th and got another positive, but didn't have a "real" cycle in if I do conceive this soon, does April 22 count as the first day of my last period?! I am so confused.
Side note, I have 3 children and was diagnosed with PCOS early 2010. Have been on Metformin for 3 cycles now.

Happy baby thoughts to all. :)

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Hi, I'm going through the same situation. I had a m/c on April 18th and am waiting to find out if I am pregnant again. I ovulated on May 2nd so the wait is almost over.

I do believe you would count the first day of bleeding as the first day of your cycle. Everything for me has fallen back to the 28 day cycle I had before the m/c. I ovulated 14 days after I started bleeding.

FX'd this cycle (or lack there of) will be the one for both of us.

5 years ago

hey Ladies, just an update... I did get pregnant again the following cycle and lost that baby at just over 5 weeks. Drs say it is just a fluke but I am frustrated after having 2 miscarriages in a row. Drs say I should wait at least 3 cycles before trying again. :(

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