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Too Nervous to Test

Apologies in advance... I'm new and don't know the abbreviations yet.

Anyways... my period is due today. After having a miscarriage 2 1/2 years ago (not planned pregnancy), we have been trying to conceive on and off. We have started trying in earnest the past 3 cycles. This one feels different to me, but here I am on the day my period is due (it hasn't shown up yet) and I'm sick at the thought of taking a test, because I know I'll be disappointed with a negative. But yet I've been waiting for this day for the past 2 weeks.

Just want to hear I'm not alone and that feeling this anxious is normal.

In solidarity, dreamer44

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hi I had a MC in November 2011 and bled for 7 weeks since than my periods have been irregular, but last one was 29 days so Im hoping I have gone back to normal now, with the cycle before last it was 36 days and I bought 5 pt really thought I was pregnant I had nausea really really sore boobs metallic taste in mouth etc, anyway wasn't pregnant and the constant negatives where heartbreaking, well Im due period tomorrow thats if Im back to 29 day cycle :/ don't know whether to buy a test because I don't want to be disappointed again, I have a scan on the 18th for a kidney stone so if I havent started period by then Im hoping the hospital will say theres a stone and a baby :) ha ha

5 years ago

im in the same boat I had a miscarriage about a year and a half ago.
but every we time we try I just get so caught up with wanting a baby I dont no if its my imagination or its real.

so we dont test anymore we just wait and see if my monthly comes
but im hoping that we got lucky:)

5 years ago

I am in the same boat. I found out I was pregnant Jan 31st 2012 (accidentally) and misscarried March 2nd. My husband and I realized we really want a baby now and have offically started trying this month. My period is due on Monday and I am dreading taking the test because I don't want to be dissapointed but I really want to know!! I feel like I have some symptoms but not the as they were when I knew I was pregnant, so not sure if its period symtoms and I am making it up in my head to pregnancy symptoms!

Your not alone out there and GOOD LUCK!

5 years ago

h.sears... that's exactly where I am... I feel some of the symptoms, but don't feel they are as pronounced as when I was actually pregnant, which makes me wonder if I'm imagining them too. I am now 1 day past when my period was due, but I took a test yesterday and it was negative (but it was the afternoon, so I know that wasn't the best time to take it). So here's hoping it was a false negative... otherwise it's another month of waiting!

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