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CD 20 DPO 5....others?

My name is Crystal, I am 28. DH is 27. We are currenty trying for our 3rd child. This is only our 2nd cycle trying. I got the Mirena removed in January. Started TTC in March. The first month I made myself nuts, taking tests every other day. When my AF came, we both were so heartbroken!! I was getting all of the symptoms, nausea, headaches, everything!! I was convinced! We decided to try to take a more relaxed approach this month. I am just going to wait to see if AF comes next saturday. I would really like to find some other women that are in the same cycle as I am, so we can share this journey together. We are not charting or anything. No OPKs. Just doing the BD everyday to every other day.

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I am currently 7dpo of a 30-32 day cycle. I only used OPK's and preseed this cycle.

So far the only unusual symptom I have is sore gums and teeth since yesterday.

How about you???

5 years ago

So far I dont have many symptoms that I would consider out of the ordinary. Im only 6DPO at this point and I remember last month convincing myself I was preggo, because of all the symptoms and got my AF. I also have sore gums and teeth! started this morning!

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I hear that is a good sign!!!

I can't wait to test, I really have a good feeling this month.

When will you be testing??? Im not due for AF till the 19th but I may start early. Some can get a faint BFP as early as 9dpo.. I'm thinking that would be the best Mother's Day gift ever!!!!

GL to you and I'll keep my FX :))

5 years ago

Same here - just started last month and had every symptom on the book and then some. And got AF blah. So this month, in my frustration, I decided not to think much about it. So far I am 7dpo and due next Saturday for AF and I haven't have any symptoms. I had a little pinch in the uterus area at 5dpo and yesterday (6dpo) and then today my bbs are just starting to feel a little tingly or like they want to hurt but it's nothing I can even be certain about. So Fx hopefully this "relaxed" approach really works.

5 years ago

Sounds like we all have the same cycle!!

5 years ago

AF is due on the 19th as well. I was thinking about testing as early as Monday. But I just didnt want to start making myself crazy like I did last month!! But I get this feeling its a little easier said then done! Hopefully we will all get our BFP next week. I think I am going to try to hold out until Wednesday!

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I am 12 DPO and AF is due Saturday (16 day luteal phase for me) I am having symptoms and all BFN :(

I want this so so bad its driving me crazy waiting plus I'm not a very patient person anyways lol. Good luck to all of you! :)

5 years ago

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